I haven’t made a clothing post in a while. On Friday, bestie and I went to Chadstone and got these matching overall playsuit thingos. Mine has little crochet detailing (which only makes me look even more like a child) but it is super cute LOL (we are super cute) heehee. I was actually looking for a belt for the shorts I bought from Thirty-Four Disciples but got distracted and.. whatevs. 

With recent purchases is this Henleys tie-up tee which is the softest material ever and these Rusty Palmer Walkshorts. I absolutely love the cut of these shorts even though they’re a little big for me in their smallest size.

Oh oh when my One Teaspoon Bonitas and the Black Milk purchases I am making tomorrow come… along with the other stuff I’ve bought… I’ll do a full wardrobe post so you can see why I’m a broke ass mofo :p

Unfortunately there will be no LookBook because I am either being a busybee or a lazybum and I still need to take most of my shoes out of the garage (where mum has put them to make her point about me having too many) for a shoe post. O:)

Also I has bandaid because I managed to rip half my thumbnail off at work today. AND I got yelled at first thing in the morning because I told this guy that the discount was only for members so he started accusing me of trying to breach his privacy or some shit. THEN security had to come and kick this HUGE weird pervy guy with broken teeth out of my store for being pervy and yuck and telling me about how he got into a fight and got his teeth broke. SIGH.

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