"There’s no point to a guy yelling, “Hey sexy baby” at me out of the passenger window of a car as it speeds past. Even if I was into creepy misogynists and wanted to give him my number, I couldn’t. The car didn’t even slow down. But that’s okay, because he wasn’t actually hitting on me. The point wasn’t to proposition me or chat me up. The only point was to remind me, and all women, that our bodies are his to stare at, assess, comment on, even touch. “Hey sexy baby” is the first part of a sentence that finishes, “this is your daily message from the patriarchy, reminding you that your body is public property”."


Top 5 sex positions

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fat pigeons make me so irrationally angry. how do they fly. why are they fat. can they even read

Forgot how much I love my riding pants! Made peanut butter fudge with a hint of coconut and a white/dark choc base to feed people. There’s a storm outside :(

"Oh what? I'm not good enough to kidnap?"

In primary school this guy would pick on me all the time. One day I was writing and he took my exercise book and ripped it up which seriously pissed me off so I picked up a stapler, put a staple in his arm and then made him my boyfriend.
I kinda feel like that moment foretold the person I was gonna grow up to be.




all them lines on the fourth one though


*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*


This is how you know White people are responsible for the definitions in dictionaries.